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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  August 14, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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busiest airport? it's "way too early" for this. good morning, i'm willie geist and this is "way too early," the show that always looks both ways before crossing a runway at a major international airport in a wet bathing suit. glad you're up watching on msnbc or listening live on sirius xm radio. email us, let me know what you're doing up at this hour or do what the amazing helen gurly brown always did is text the word awake followed by your response to 622639. did i say @williegeist? that's the handle. the next 30 minutes will be your cram session, a lot to tell you about, the latest on the shooting near the campus near texas a&m university. plus first lady goes on leno
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to discuss some things, included the botched kiss cam at the university of texas basketball game. we begin with politics, where the republican national committee added another high-profile name to its speaking roster. new jersey governor chris christie will deliver the keynote address. in an interview, governor christie said his speech will revolve around the theme of shared sacrifice and will focus more on making the case for the election of mitt romney rather than simply attacking the policies of president obama. on the campaign trail it was a busy day for romney's running mate, congressman paul ryan of wisconsin. he flew into colorado for two private fundraisers in the denver area. hours earlier, ryan made his first solo stop on the campaign trail at the iowa state fair where he focused his attacks on president obama's economic policy. >> my guess is the reason
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president obama isn't making it here from council bluffs is because he only knows left turns. you know, but as you see the president come through on his bus tour, you might ask him the same question that i'm getting asked from people all around america, and that is, where are the jobs, mr. president. >> it was a rowdy reception in iowa for mr. ryan, he was interrupted by a group of hecklers who tried to yell over him and took it a step further by actually attempting to rush the stage. >> are you going to cut medicare? are you going to cut medicare? answer the question, are you going to cut medicare? >> we like to be respectful of one another and peaceful with one another and listen to each other these ladies must not be from iowa or wisconsin. >> like i said, she must not be from iowa. so --
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>> usa usa! >> everybody stay calm. president obama was also in iowa, kicking off a three-day campaign swing through the state. he was quick to take some shots of the vice presidential candidate. accusing him of blocking a bill to aid farmers in this drought. >> unfortunately right now, too many members of congress are blocking the farm bill from becoming law. i am told that governor romney's new running mate, paul ryan might be around iowa the next few days, he is one of the leaders of congress standing in the way. so if you happen to see congressman ryan, tell him how important this farm bill is to iowa and our rural communities. we've got to put politics aside when it comes to doing the right thing for rural america and for iowa. >> today, mitt romney wraps up his battleground bus tour in ohio after spending yesterday sweeping through florida. romney hammered obama on the economy and looked to connect
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with hispanic voters in miami, during his stump speeches romney notably avoided the hot button issue of medicare. reporters didn't let him off the hook so easily. during an impromptu and rare press conference, mr. romney was grilled on the differences between paul ryan's controversial budget and his own plan. >> can you give us an idea of any principles in the ryan budget or significant things that you disagree. >> i can tell you what's radical and extreme is to spend a trillion dollars more every year than you take in it's radical and extreme to pass on trillions of dollars of debts to our children. i'm sure there are places that my budget is different than his, but we're on the same page as i said before, we want to get america on track to a balanced budget. >> you said during a debate earlier this year of paul ryan's latest medicare proposal that it's absolutely right on. so i'm curious, is there anything about it you disagree with? >> well the items that we agree
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on, i think outweigh any differences there may be. we haven't gone through piece by piece and said, here's a place where there's a difference. i can't imagine any two people, even in the same party who have exactly the same positions on all issues. >> you saw over mitt romney's right shoulder there, senator marco rubio of florida. you'll see him at the convention in tampa as well. meanwhile, vice president joe biden speaking in north carolina kept the pressure on the new republican ticket. >> congressman ryan has given definition to the vague commitments that romney has been making. there's definition to it now. it's clear, when they talked about their plan -- not just their budget plan, but their plan across the board, they cutted it gutsy. i'm serious. now look, what's gutsy about giving millionaires another tax break? what's gutsy about gutting medicare, medicaid, education? what's gutsy -- they talk about, they talked about what they're
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proposing is new. folks, this is only not new, it's not fair. it's not fair to the middle class and the working poor. and it will not grow the economy or reduce the deficit. ladies and gentlemen, we've seen this movie before. and we know how it ends. a couple of new polls offer a snapshot of the way americans are reacting to romney's choice of paul ryan as running mate. according to an abc news/"washington post" poll, 38% of americans respond favorably. 33% see his selection as unfavorable and 30% say they don't have an opinion yet. numbers in a "u.s.a. today"/gallup poll not so promising for republicans, 42% say the wisconsin congressman was a fair or poor vp choice, compared with 39% who say he was an excellent choice. the same survey finds that 48%
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of respondents viewed paul ryan qualified to be president as something that happened to mitt romney. on only vice presidential sarah palin or dan quayle rated lower. near the campus of texas a&m university, police identified a gunman who they say killed two people, including a police officer before being shot. 38-year-old thomas kaufel. the officer was identified as 41-year-old brian backman. police say another man was also killed in the gunfire. the shootings prompted the university to issue an emergency alert warning. a bizarre lesson in security at new york's jfk airport. officials trying to figure out how a lost man in a wet bathing
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suit managed to bypass a $100 million state-of-the-art security system. it happened over the weekend when a man who was stranded on his jet ski swam to shore, scaled the airport's barbed wire security fence, crossed two active runways, and then walked into the terminal undetected. in a wet bathing suit. nbc's tom costello has more. >> reporter: at jfk airport, a patrol car was cruising a perimeter following this weekend's embarrassing security breach. after his jet ski broke down in jamaica bay, a new york man climbed an eight-foot barbed wire fence, passed a $100 million security system complete with motion sensors and walked across two runways, into the terminal and dripping wet, approached a delta employee. he's now charged with criminal trespass. the latest in a string of airport security breaches. >> attention all aircraft, let's just use caution, the vehicle is heading your direction.
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>> in philadelphia last march, police chased a speeding jeep down airport runways after the drunken driver crashed through a chain-link fence. a commercial jet had to abort a landing to avoid a collision. and last month in st. george, utah, a murder suspect jumped a fence and started a regional jet before crashing into a building and killing himself officer errol souters, our adversaries watch the news, this is a lessen learned for them. they're con startly looking at our security situation. >> reporter: while the federal government requires airports across the country to secure their perimeter, it's up to the airports to decide how to did that. in new york the port authority called for a review of the incident. and the airport's security system maker isn't commenting on how a lost jet skier could have
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so easily evaded detection. decades before "sex and the city" and carrie bradshaw, there was helen gurley brown, the woman made it okay to have honest discussions about sex in magazines. the editor of "cosmopolitan" died in manhattan. she became famous in 1962 with the best-selling book "sex and the single girl" three years later she was hired at cosmo and helped turn the struggling magazine into an international brand. he aim was to show readers how to get the most out of life. helen gurley brown was 90 years old. still ahead, i've been away for three weeks, i come back, and you mean to tell me the pittsburgh pirates are serious title contenders? what are you going to tell me next, we've landed on mars? and stephen colbert is thrilled about the choice of paul ryan, but perhaps not for
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the reasons the rest of you are. with gratitude and with determination, i accept your nomination. and i am proud to run on the progressive and sound platform that you have hammered out at this convention.
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[ female announcer ] new roc® retinol correxion max. the power of roc® retinol is intensified with a serum. it's proven to be 4x better at smoothing lines and deep wrinkles than professional treatments. roc® max for maximum results. it is 5:44 in the morning. and dark as night outside. isn't there any summer left? it used to be light out when i did this shot. that's depressing. let's check your weather now from nbc meteorologist bill karins who is lurking over my shoulder. >> we're losing a minute in the
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morning and a minute at night. two minutes a day it's going quick. >> christmas right around the corner. >> start saving. we start with good news this morning, a light soaking rain moving across the state of kansas. probably one of the poster child states for our drought of 2012. and not going to get a ton of rain, but maybe a quarter to a half-inch of rain if we're lucky. light rain in many areas this morning, including central pennsylvania, around harrisburg, interstate 81. it looks like some of that is moving around the beltway, around d.c., dale city, light showers. so have the umbrella handy. many areas of the northeast you'll probably need it, if not this morning, then later this afternoon. even in atlanta we've got light showers. so as far as the forecast goes, the biggest issue today is severe thunderstorms, if we get the sunshine after the little area of rain goes away. we could see some large hail and damaging winds for d.c., philadelphia, all of new jersey, and areas especially to the north and west of new york city. so we'll watch that and possible airport delays late today, for the northeast. other forecast concerns, none up
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there around boston or hartford. middle of the country, you look nice, another great day around chicago, still hotter than we would like in texas and big changes, coming, willie. billings, montana, 97, tomorrow, billings will be in the 60s as a big shot of fall air invades the u.s., right on time, we need it. we turn to sports now, there was some olympic history made in london by you, the television viewers. according to nielson ratings, 219 million people watched the 2012 london olympic games. making it the single most-watched television event in united states history. this year's super bowl watched by just over 111 million people, the 2008 olympic games in beijing drew 215 million viewers. sunday's closing ceremony alone brought in an audience of 31 million people. good work by you, america. baseball last night, two of the american league's best got together, yankees hosted the
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rangers, third inning, the yankees down a couple of runs, but nick swisher crushes one into the second deck. puts the yankees up 4-2. ninth inning, the newly acquired derek lowe in pin stripes gets soto swinging for the final out of the game. lowe gets his first save in more than a decade. the yankees beat up on the rangers, 5-2. pittsburgh a playoff contender, tie game in the fifth, shane victorino one of the newest dodgers, long drive to right field, two-run home run gives the dodgers the lead. seventh inning, neil walker lines one back at randy choate, look at the hot hands on choate. saves a run, maybe his own life with this play. dodgers hang on to beat the pirates 5-4. pirates are now tied with the braves for the wild card lead and remember we get two wild card teams this year. giants need a win over the nationals to stay a game up on the dodgers in the nl west, nats up big, roger bernadina hits a
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liner and vogelsong right in the throat. another run comes around to score. everybody is okay. coach not happy about the call. short leash, jerry lane, runs bogi almost immediately. 12-0 nats, nats up a couple of touchdowns, 14-0, they win 14-2, washington has the best record in baseball, 27 wins, the giants tied with the dodgers in the nl west. the red sox nation and entire game of baseball lost a great yesterday when johnny pesky passed away at the age of 92. pesky so revered in boston the right field foul pole in new york officially named pesky's pole due to his penchant for hicking his rare home runs around that pole. he spent more than 60 years in
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baseball as a player, manager and broadcaster, he left the game for three years in the prime of his career to serve in the united states navy during world war ii. he never won a world series as a player. he was assignment instructor for the red sox when they won the title in 2004 and was moved to tears when they raised the championship pennant on opening day. he told derek jeter every time you saw him quote, i hope you get four hits today and the guy behind you hits in four double plays. johnny pesky died yesterday at the age of 9. coming up, "morning joe," paul ryan at the iowa state fair, going after president obama, while members of the crowd go after him about cutting medicare. is this what the new campaign will look like? and when we come back we huddle around the water cooler to watch the first lady of the united states to give a detailed account of what happened when the kiss cam was trained on her and the president.
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we told you at the top of the show that paul ryan made his first solo campaign stop at the republican vice presidential candidate yesterday when he visited the iowa state fair.
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the 42-year-old ryan is 27 years younger than current vice president, joe biden and actually is closer in age to 16-year-old american gymnast, gabby douglas. sorry, joe. if you want to sound smart, tell your friends that just six vice presidents in history have been inaugurated at age 42 or younger and only two, 40-year-old richard nixon and 41-year-old dan quayle have been elected since 1950. enough of the real news, let's huddle up around the water cooler and watch stephen colbert celebrate the selection of paul ryan. >> join me in welcoming the next vice president of the united states, paul ryan. >> oh! oh! whew! what a relief. because for nine months now, i thought i was going to have to vote for mitt romney. i got to tell you i was worried. you got me. you got me.
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>> but i can tell you this, he's going to be the next vice president of the united states. >> i mean, romney ryan 2012. this wasn't great news for everyone. specifically vice presidential hopefuls like tim paw lenti and rob portman, it is tough news to break to a potential running mate. but mitt's a leader, so he had his son do it. >> tag romney. mitt romney's oldest son was the person to give the news to both rob portman and tim paw lenti that they were not the pick. >> they should be honored. chris christie got a call from rafalka. i believe we have a recording. >> hello, did i get the job? >> neeigghhh! >> so dumb, so dumb, so good. first lady, michelle obama
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stopped by the "tonight show" to explain what happened last month at a team usa exhibition basketball game when she appeared to rebuff a big-screen kiss from her husband, the president of the united states. >> now, now you you turned him down -- >> no, i did not. >> i did not. i had just walked in and sat down. and i just saw my face on the jumbotron and i'm still a little embarrassed, i didn't see the kiss cam part. i didn't know we were supposed to kiss and then malia came over after we got booed for not kissing and she was -- she was just disgusted with us. she said, why didn't you kiss. and i was like kiss what? what are you talking about? and she said, you were on the kiss cam, you were supposed to kiss. and so what happened? here's your daughter.
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there you go, exactly. she orchestrated that second try. because after the second half, we came back, she said, i've arranged for you to get another chance on the kiss cam. and then she came and sat with us, to make sure we didn't mess it up. she was like get ready, it's coming. that's when she's like, okay, go, now, kiss, do it! >> and they got it right in the end. still ahead on "way too early," why are you awake? your tweets, texts and emails just moments away. why should saturday night have all the fun? get two times the points on dining in restaurants, with chase sapphire preferred.
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we asked you at the top of the show what you're doing up this hour. our producer has some answers. >> one twitter, my fiance loves you, can you wish her happy birthday? >> anybody who will tweet a cable news show at 5:30 in the morning must really love you. what else you got? >> eric carl writes getting mentally prepared for dental work by watching. >> i want you to know i take no offense that you're getting ready for a root canal and equating the pain you'll h


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